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 +====== BNP Paribas ======
 +  * Le 20 mars, la banque BNP Paribas a été prise pour support d'une tentative d'​hameçonnage "​franco-française"​.
 +===== L'​appât (reçu par courriel) =====
 +{{ start:​bnp-paribas-2003.png }}
 +  * La banque BNP Paribas a servi de support à plusieurs tentatives d'​hameçonnage durant le week-end du 20 mars. Au moins deux courriels ont ainsi été expédiés.
 +  * Techniquement,​ le message est composé (en HTML) d'une simple image qui pointe vers une site dont l'URL longue est supposée induire l'​imprudent internaute en erreur.
 +  * Le courriel est accompagné d'un texte en anglais sans signification particulière ni relation avec l'​appât dans le but, selon toute vraisemblance,​ de tromper les solutions antispam :
 +<code html>
 +**Premier courriel**
 +Summer place? Do you get me?
 +Paul dived for it, not caring if the cloud meant death instead of unconsciousness ​
 +this time.  "​No,​she said. Now he could hear the crunch of its snow tires. ​
 +"Why not?" He managed a big foolish grin.  Now she was holding the cross like a spear, ​
 +the dirt darkened point of its vertical post pointed squarely at the trooper'​s back.  ​
 +Now he heard the eager squeal of the pig she had thought he would mind, 
 +but he thought Misery was a wonderful name for a pig.  ​
 +**Second courriel**
 +Look at me! Spit shone on her teeth.
 +If he could do it this morning, he could just maybe he could derail the depression ​
 +he sensed coming on before it could get a real start. ​ The back was full of video equipment.
 +20There were beads of blood in its whiskers. ​ He heard the blade squeal against bone
 +as she wrenched it free. Bedroom. You had to peer and crane to see anything at 
 +all, and more often than not the really important things happened outside ​
 +your field of vision. ​ They'​ll go all along his route, looking for 
 +him and trying to find out where he stopped, you know, showing up.
 +  * L' "​originalité"​ de cet hameçonnage repose sur le fait qu'il cible très précisément les internautes français.
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